You did not land here because of sheer chance…

"If the words of this website speak to you, it is normal,
 We live the same stories....
 at the core of who you are, 
and at the core of who I am,
 There is only one heart beat"
 Amel Léger

You have no idea how you landed on this page, but you know fate does that to you sometimes ?

  • Ever since your heard about the “Akashic Records” you felt called to look for more ?
  • You feel like your life does not make sense anymore ?
  • It’s like your life does not belong to you because your work, life partner, your kids, your job… are a nightmare to you ?
  • You want to implement changes and nothing seems to go as you desire, or plan ?
  • You feel like nothing’s going your way ?

You think you have a wound from your childhood, and sometimes you are afraid it will never heal?

  • You know at the bottom of your heart that there is a part of you that is dying to come alive !
  • You ended up feeling anger, frustration, self doubt, and guilt and
  • You long to remember who You are !

It is not your fault !

There is a big chance you have not been listening to yourself, you needs and core desires lately. You have been told you are wrong, when you tried to listen in, to your feelings and emotions. This is what you learnt.

It is not your fault though. We are raised in a society where we learn to live from the outside in, instead of from the inside out. So no wonder your inside feels left off !

You do not know how to listen in, how to tune in, how to align your life to what you feel is good for you. And when you do, it brings chaos in the situation.

I have been there, and I have worked with hundreds of clients who desired the same thing : feel at peace within themselves and there lives. Have “the privilege of owning themselves” (quote R. Kipling)

You reach a time when you want an expert’s help to learn how to tune in, solve the issues you’ve been having for all your life, and heal your inner child, heal your wounds, and finally let go of the person you tried to become in order to be the person you are. Deeply.

Akashic Readings-Testimonial-amel léger-kathy katts
Akashic Readings-Testimonial
Kathy Katts, Ridgefield, CT, USA 
Ayurveda Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Instructor

"Before working with Amel I was struggling to understand what my soul was thinking and feeling during a childhood experience that was painful.

What I received from the work with Amel was a connection with my soul that was beyond what I thought was possible. The images so detailed, the feelings of love and joy so tremendous.  Most of all I received an understanding of who I am at a deeper level... at the source!

The three most significant improvements were an understanding of how my soul communicates at a deeper level, a deeper sense of love for myself and a higher level of intuition. 

The three things I loved most about this work was first, Amel's passion and warmth.  She is a precious gem that I feel connected to on a soul level!! Second, the imagery Amel shares in her teachings and third the confidence her teachings give me to trust the messages what I receive from my soul."

Become who you are with the Akashic Records 

The Akashic Records is a huge data base, and it provides us with raw data which we can then use on our every day life. Fix a dispute, heal a wound from childhood, understand better the needs of our kid, simplify the interactions with our colleagues, our life partners, our parents and friends… EVERYTHING is possible… in this opening to the Universal version of YOU !

By teaching YOU to access the Akashic Records, I guide you through a healing process, and you will learn to heal by yourself sooner than you could imagine ! You have the keys to be the better version of yourself and I will just give that back to you (and show you how to use it of course!)

1- Heal the wounds of your childhood, and your past
Heal your inner child, the traumas you had when you were young if any, the relationship with your parents to repair all the wounds that block you on your daily life.

2- Radiate your light all around you 
Discover in more depth the relationship with your soul, what it was looking for when it decided it’s incarnation path and allow these energies to come in your daily life, with your loved ones. Live from within.

3-  Offer the world your soul’s wisdom !
Deepen the link to your soul, and access your soul’s wisdom, to better share your message with the world. Extend that knowledge to your practice and help your clients through your core gifts. Live from who You Fully Are.


My specialty & expertise 

I am a trained coach, and intuitive healer and reader (akashic readings) but I will be TEACHING you, individually and in small groups how to access your akashic records, yourself from within, to heal you and to start living your life from the new room inside you that you have discovered.

It is not another coaching program where I give you tools to use and follow. You will learn how to de-construct the patterns that are not related to who you Truly are, discover who it is you really are at your core and slowly allow you to BE this person on every aspect of your life.

Does this sound like you ?

I want to Heal the wounds of my childhood, of my past

I want to Radiate my light all around me

I want to Offer the world my soul’s wisdom !

I’m ready to get started